Mazer Media produces an excellent end result and are a huge value for the cost. But more importantly for someone with no video experience, Mazer Media provides guidance from start to finish. From offering invaluable suggestions in a staff meeting to discussing the project at the inception, to uploading the end product on YouTube, the true desire for perfection comes out in their patience and attention to detail. If you have a vision for bringing your enthusiasm for your product out to the world – but no experience with film or documentary – Mazer Media is your answer. Our expectations were exceeded tenfold.

- Lorene Zeif, Director of Communications, Island View Residential Treatment Center

Mazer Media is THE new emerging filmmaking masters. I’ve been on set in the major newsrooms and indies of the world, and I’ve never seen a a crew with their balance of artistry and perfectionism. By the way, they are some of the most honest people I know as well…I could go on.

- Dr. Paul Dobransky, Publisher, Mens Psychology Magazine, and commentator for major cable and news networks

Mazer Media exceeded my expectations in every way! I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the quality work, dependability, and results I received from collaborating with Mazer Media on my band’s Kickstarter project. They were organized from the start with a precise game plan and tirelessly worked everyday to achieve our goal. Mazer Media stands out from the competition by offering a complete marketing solution: superior video production, an effective marketing strategy, and a work ethic that is second to none. I highly recommend Mazer Media to any business looking for a trusted partner.

- Caleb Chapman, President, Caleb Chapman Music

Working with Mazer Media for two of my companies, was the best choice I ever made. Mazer Media completely transformed our Music Theatre Academy website into a more modern, responsive design that appeals to today’s technology and trends. Mazer Media was also responsible for creating and executing a marketing campaign integrating professional video production, social media content, press/blog interaction, all of which led to generating more funding/pre-sales through Kickstarter and other methods for our mobile game, soon to hit the Apple App store. We couldn’t have done it without Mazer Media!

- Conor Robbins, CEO, On Broadway Academy & Chondrostrike

I didn’t have any experience in filming or photography and Mazer Media brought out the best of ZipBelt. They are extremely organized and very creative. Without Mazer Media’s videos and photos, ZipBelt would be just another obscure fashion startup. Thanks Mazer Media!

- Sun Woo Choi, Founder/Owner, ZipBelt

In addition to Mazer Media’s technical and creative abilities I have found their greatest quality to be their willingness to go the extra mile in pursuit of whatever is needed for a project.

- Andrew Weeks, Director, Balancing the Cosmos

Mazer Media cares about every aspect of the video production process, from initial planning of the shoot through the editing process. They bring creative ideas to the table at every one of these stages to make the final product even better than we could have imagined it. Without hesitation I recommend Mazer Media for your video production needs. We still work with them and look forward to continuing to do so for a long time.

- Tony Monterastelli, Editor-in-Chief at MensPsychology.com & WomensHappiness.com

Mazer Media was great to work with. We are very impressed with the final outcome of our video.  Before we shot, Mazer Media had a lot of great ideas to make it flow smooth and look great.  During the video shoot, they worked well with the talent and were able to help them relax and enjoy being part of our project.  Mazer Media went above and beyond to find locations and talent.  Beyond that, Mazer Media are just pleasant to work with and we feel they did an excellent job.  We highly recommend Mazer Media!

- John Smith & Shane Wright, Co-Founders, Questionaball

I’ve known Mazer Media for a few years now and have referred them to a few of my clients for video production work because they deliver three important things to my liking: 1. Reliability, 2. Perfectionist, and 3. Cost. Mazer Media’s reliability has saved me numerous times. Their attention to detail and effort that they put into every project shines through. Lastly, Mazer Media has an ability to combine both reliability and perfectionism into a fair and reasonable pricing. I’ve used Mazer Media, and I can recommend them to all who want great video work done to promote their business, product or service.

- Donovan Glass, Former Director of Marketing, Mystery Industries, LLC

I asked Mazer Media to best portray the inspirational foundation of  LDS Network which they did! When one watches our video, one can feel the warmth of love that can be ours as we take part in ‘supporting each other’. Great Job Mazer Media! We look forward to our next collaboration with Mazer Media.

- Tom Robbins, Founder, LDS Network

Mazer Media is one of the most proficient group of video/audio editors/producers I have ever worked with. They were instrumental in converting a large library of recorded instruction into an online friendly format for our continuing education programs. This allowed us to provide a quality service to our customers and give them access to quality content.

- Jason Burrows, Information Technologies Specialist, Broadband Learning Inc.

IMazer Media is a very creative group of individuals. They have the ability to see a problem and find solutions that are very effective. They work well with the customers and listen well to their needs.

- Byrne Hopkin, Chief Financial Officer, Broadband Learning Inc.

Mazer Media is highly proficient in communicating thoughts and ideas as well as innovative in how to resolve issues. Their work was always performed well and on time. We utilized their strong technical skills in the IT and programming environment on a nationwide network of over 700 different businesses and thousands of computers. They were one of my top technical support team members at BLC.

- David Molinaro, FCOO & Executive Vice President, Broadband Learning Inc.

worked with Mazer Media on countless projects on various phases–from pre-production to production all the way through post-production. They proved themselves to be hard workers with a strong creative vision. They are great collaborators as well. I would heartily recommend Mazer Media to anyone asking.

- Jacob Hinmon, Information Technologies Specialist, Broadband Learning Inc.

Mazer Media is a very creative group of individuals. They have the ability to see a problem and find solutions that are very effective. They work well with the customers and listen well to their needs.

- Byrne Hopkin, Director, Night Becomes Day

I had the opportunity to work with Mazer Media on a number of projects. They know how to work hard and communicate well no matter what’s going on. The project I remember most was a short film that I co-produced and they directed. Working with Mazer Media was an absolute pleasure. They knew what they wanted, they kept us organized, and were professional and friendly to all involved. The film was a success, being with the cast and crew felt like a family, and I owe this in large part to Mazer Media’s attitude and character. I’m happy to endorse them.

- Rob Youngberg, Producer, Bubbie

Mazer Media is a joy to work with. They take their work very seriously and excel on projects. They embrace a team environment knowing how key it is to the production industry. They communicates clearly and make a fair and exceptional group of leaders. I would recommend anyone who wants a project to run professionally and efficiently to incorporate them in said project.

- Jessika Watson, Production Designer, Bubbie

I heartily endorse Mazer Media.

- Joel Skidmore, Producer, Balancing the Cosmos

Mazer Media delivers unparalleled value, expertise, professionalism and service in a friendly, personable capacity – photography, videography, production, editing, branding, marketing and design associated with the graphic, photographic and cinematic arts. From the kernel of an artistic, marketing, or branding idea to completed photographic, film, video or design campaign, product, or body of artistic work. Astounding innovation, efficiency, communication and importantly, RESULTS.

- Dr. Paul Dobransky, Publisher, Mens Psychology Magazine, and commentator for major cable and news networks