Gardner Village: Vintage Love


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For the past 30 years, Gardner Village has established itself as a place where the old meets the new in a combination of vintage and modern. It’s a place where anyone can feel young again. Where magic is in the air and romance is in bloom. It’s a place where love grows right alongside the flowers. Watch our Vintage Love story of two young people falling in love at Gardner Village.

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Executive Produced by Marcia Johns (Gardner Village)
Written, Directed, and Edited by Matt Schramer (Mazer Media)
Actors – Elizabeth Montgomery and Garrett Jensen (McCarty Talent Agency)
Makeup Artist – Denise Christensen of DC Makeup – denise-christensen.squarespace…
Production Designer/Props – Chelsey Curtis –
Hair Dresser – Karlee Strickland
Director of Photography/Camera Operator – Cody McCarthy
Camera Operator – Rosemary Card
Assistant Director – John Wallis
Music – “Halcyon Days” by Anthony Phillips and Sofia Letitia Maclean (Killer Tracks) and “Beautiful Colours” by Michael Holborn and William Henries (Killertracks)

Filmed on the Sony FS700 and Canon 5dmkii.
Edited by Matt Schramer (Mazer Media) using Adobe Premiere Pro CC