Intermountain Healthcare: Non-Separation


This by far was one of the most fun experiences we’ve had making a film. Stop-motion is painstakingly slow and detailed, but more creative and adventurous than almost any other filmmaking medium. We had such great actors who put up with lying in uncomfortable positions and moving in small increments. The end result reflects the fun and charming nature of the production process. We hope you like it.

Executive Producer: Intermountain Healthcare & Healthy Dialogues Studio
Producer: Judy Newman and Matt Schramer
Writer/Director: Matt Schramer
Animators: Jeff Dickson and Matt Schramer
Editor: Jeff Dickson
Actors: Kristen and Jared Eyring, Danielle Kurtz, Jason Isaacs
Lighting/Visual Effects: Matt Schramer & Jeff Dickson
Voice-Over: Heidi