Blue Ant Media: Ball Python Snakes


It’s a very unlikely occurrence to see Ball Python snakes in Utah. Thanks for a Python breeder, we were able to not only see them, but film them in extraordinary 4k using specialized macro lenses. That meant we had to get up close and personal with these snakes to the tune of being inches away from their faces. And not once, but several times, they snapped at us and our camera, making us jump, even though their teeth can do no damage. We managed to get some amazing macro footage for a Canadian TV production company called Blue Ant Media. Check it out!

Cinematographer/Editor: Matt Schramer
Shot on Sony a7sii camera in 4k, 24fps, f8-f22 aperture range, 1/30-50th shutter, ISO – varied.
Lenses: Canon 100mm Macro, Raynox dcr-250
Tripods: Joby Gorilla Pod and high-hat
Edited on Adobe Premiere CC 2015