STARTMay 2014
  • ContractPal – Debt Relief

    The next step in the evolution of ContractPal videos is a unique animated style to screenshots and websites that I created. This Debt Relief video was the first time I implemented camera movements along the screenshots and images in 3D space. Most of the video contains screenshots, so I had to find a way to make them more interesting. After all, who wants to watch someone click through a software application unless they specifically search for a tutorial? I came up with this stylized treatment of screenshots from inspiration I received while watching Ooyala and AtTask videos. The screenshots just popped more and somehow lifted off the page. The continual movement kept the viewer's attention and the maintained the video's momentum. All in all, this is one of ContractPal's favorite video I've produced for them. [media id=57 width=562 height=340] An example of how ContractPal turned paper documents into a streamline debt relief application. [Director/Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphic Artist]
  • DealerTrack DMS – Overview

    Sometime in 2011, the Salt Lake City DealerTrack DMS marketing team approached me about directing a series of DMS videos that were branded and stylized to match their current marketing campaign. We were inspired by Apple's famous simplistic and polished interviews on infinite white and Xbox Kinect's fun and graphical game videos. The marketing team wrote the scripts, I designed the template and style that would later be used for all the videos. I also created an opening animation, other animations and a credentialing effect that we used on all the videos. This first video (the overview) was the longest and most demanding, but I feel it came together rather nicely. Besides, if I never stretch myself to meet the new challenges, how will I ever become a better filmmaker? [media id=56 width=562 height=340] A complete overview of the DealerTrack DMS solution with new branding and an Apple inspired look. (Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphic Artist)
  • ContractPal – Overview

    A good friend of mine, Rowd Robbins, contacted me about forming a partnership with the company he worked for to produce all of their marketing videos. The company is ContractPal. They specialize in developing custom cloud based SaaS applications, online digital signature and electronic signature software. The first video I ever directed for ContractPal was this one - a general overview of the company and it's services and solutions. The project was challenging from the get go, but I welcomed the challenge and was up to the task. It was literally the first time I had ever used After Effects. I basically learned it on the fly as I created the project from scratch. Rowd and I went through several iterations and cuts of the project, before we settled on the one you see in the video. I am very grateful for the ongoing work with ContractPal and proud of my work on this video. I think it was the start of several outstanding pieces of work to come. See my latest ContractPal videos on their youtube channel - or here on my website. [media id=55 width=562 height=340] ContractPal - Overview. A ContractPal corporate video or company promo. [Director/Videographer/Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist]
  • BYUtv Show – Fresh Take: Helping Public Schools

    This is the episode: Helping Public Schools from the BYUtv Show Fresh Take. I edited the Boca Raton, Florida scene that takes place outside the studio talk show. The video below is just the scene that I edited. To watch the full episode of "Helping Public Schools", click here [media id=48 width=562 height=340] BYUtv Show - Fresh Take: Helping Public Schools - Boca Raton, Florida Scene. [Editor - B Roll Scenes]  
  • BYUtv Show – Fresh Take: Start with Why with Simon Sinek

    As mentioned a earlier blog, I was hired by BYUtv to edit a few episodes for their TV show "Fresh Take." This is another episode called "Start with Why with Simon Sinek". The Fresh Take production team had Simon Sinek (motivational author/speaker) approach random people on the streets of Provo to ask them questions, all starting with "Why." I edited these street interviews into a scene that was included in the final episode. Watch my work below and to watch the full episode of "Start with Why with Simon Sinek", click here [media id=50 width=562 height=340] BYUtv Show - Fresh Take: Start with Why with Simon Sinek. [Editor - Street Interviews]  
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